We Are Different

We Are Different

At Core Image Group, we revolutionized the way on-line company store programs are managed.  We have streamlined the entire process by providing a custom, turn-key solution that allows your team to centralize purchases, ensure brand consistency, and place orders anywhere at anytime. 

There is no cost to you. We build the store, manage the order fulfillment, and maintain the inventory. 

   • Accessible: 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.
   • No longer waste time and resources organizing sizes.
   • Brand Identity is easily controlled and maintained. 
   • Broad product selection with a vast selection of brand-name items.

We have the talent, resources, technology, and experience to engage customers, connect with prospects, and most importantly, deliver results.


Traditional Programs: Most promotional products companies are not set up to run company stores. They do so to keep your special-order business. They use third-party providers for technology, decoration and fulfillment.


Our Program: We built our firm on the idea that our clients should have access to what they need, when they need it. From on-demand production to proprietary technology used to build and operate online company stores, our entire process is designed for our clients to have the marketing tools that they need to succeed.

Customer Retention

Traditional Programs: Traditional programs try to trap you with shelf-stock inventory. One tactic they often use to retain customers long term is to build up a large stockpile of inventory, so it costs you more to leave than to stay with the program. You can’t afford to leave, even if you are unhappy with the program and service.

Customer Retention

Our Program: Our philosophy is simple: if you are not happy, you should find a new place to do business. As with any relationship, if one party is unhappy, then the relationship is not healthy. Our service agreements feature a 90-day out at any time with no penalty. Your on-hand inventory will be minimal (if any at all).


Traditional Programs: Most of the product featured in traditional programs are pre-decorated with your logo, and held in a warehouse. Ultimately, you are on the hook for them financially, whether the items sell or not. In the end, you will be stuck with odd-sized apparel and items that serve as over-priced dust collection devices. Shelf-stock inventory programs just don’t make financial sense for companies purchasing less than $2M.


Our Program: Our goal is to keep inventory to an absolute minimum by producing and decorating all apparel—and variety of other items—on-demand. Some promotional products may require a small inventory. Overall, those items typically make up a very small percentage of your company store program.


Traditional Programs: Traditional programs require contracts with rigid terms due to the on-hand inventory they require. Most traditional programs do not become profitable for at least 18 months, so they can’t have you walk away. In the end, you will own the inventory that didn’t sell, which makes leaving very difficult, even if your contract is up.


Our Program: Our goal is for your program to be a successful marketing tool for you and your team. Our service agreement terms are simple and straight-forward, because on-hand inventory is not the central issue of the program. Our agreements define provisions of how we handle inventory and we keep minimal inventory on the shelf. If you ever feel it isn’t working, you can leave the program without penalty.

set-up & hosting fees

Traditional Programs: Most vendors don’t own the online-store technology, so they rent it and pay for hosting. They also pay to set up the stores and don’t have staff to keep merchandise fresh. Traditional stores are often expensive to set up and have monthly hosting charges.

Setup or Hosting Fees

Our Program: Setting up a program is easy and inexpensive. We built our technology. We have developers and merchandisers on staff who build and keep your program updated. For this reason, setting up a program is easy and inexpensive.

Store Attributes & Features

Traditional Programs: The setup and appearance of traditional stores are standard and built from templates. Colors and images can be customized, but many things are rigid and can’t be changed.

Store Attributes, Store Features

Our Program: We have full access to update the look and feel of your store. We can build and customize your categories, checkout pages, static pages, and much more.

Product Decoration

Traditional Programs: Because traditional programs utilize pre-decorated inventory, most distributors don’t decorate anything in-house. These programs rely solely on third-party decorators, so you are not always the priority.

Product Decoration

Our Program: We decorate in-house. We have invested in state-of-the-art production equipment and have an experienced production team who process each order with attention to detail. There are no minimums for items decorated in-house (which is typically over 75% of items sold in programs).

Product Selection

Traditional Programs: Product selection in traditional programs is limited due to the cost of carrying the inventory. Unless you have a multi-million dollar budget, your selection under these programs will be small. You will also be limited on the colors you can choose and the number of logos you can offer.

Product Selection

Our Program: Our corporate apparel, headwear, and bag selection is virtually unlimited because everything is produced as ordered. You literally have hundreds of styles and colors to choose from with no risk to your organization. We offer a full selection of men’s and ladies’ apparel, including most name brands (Nike, adidas, The North Face, Ogio, Cutter & Buck, Carhartt, Dickies, etc.), plus many price-conscious private brands.